Welcome to the Empire

A home space for the Empire of Eld, a Civilized Space empire in No Man's Sky

Join the Empire Today

To join the Empire, you must:

• Join the Discord Server.
• Find Eld Galactic Prime. Coordinates are available in Discord and you can request a taxi to the system.
• Create a base on Saturn II or Eld Earth with a powered teleporter, the Eld Flag, and a good name.
 Upload your base.
• Open a ticket in the #request-base-verification channel on Discord for review.

You have a few days after joining to create your base.


Join the Discord!

The main communication for the game is through Discord. Join it today!

Join the Discord Server

Contact form will be displayed here. To activate it you have to set the "contact form shortcode" parameter in Customizer.


Updates and Missives

Updates and missives from the Emperor, the court, and citizens.

The full emblem with the motto, in all its glory

A log from the Explorer’s diary. Part 2

I wasn’t able to find my ship again. I don’t know what to do, I’m stuck in this mount of ice. I think this log became a diary by now. Why should I keep writing this on if I’m gonna die soon?

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A poem of war

From Pilot JC, a true warrior-poet of Eld: War is coming it rides on a steed At times slow when angry we speed Rivers of red no victory when dead[…]

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