Imperial Prince Almar’s Origins

A space for Imperial missives, thoughts, diaries, and stories.

Imperial Prince Almar’s Origins

The first thing that Almar Eld learned about his heritage was summed up in three words. . . .The horn worked.

The Ancestor, Roland Deschain had been locked in a repeating circle of time, possibly for hundreds of years. All anyone knows for sure is that the last time he entered the loop, the horn of Arthur Eld, that had been passed down Through the generations until it reached Roland. This Horn, that had not been with him until his last cycle . .had changed his Destiny. . . finally setting him Free!

The details had been lost in time, but with the beams now protected and The dark Tower no longer in danger of falling, the The Gunslinging Knights Of Artur Eld were able to focus on their original charge which was maintaining law and order in their respective baronies. As hundreds of years became thousands of years their guns gave way to energy weapons, their baronies Consolidated, slowly Encompassing the entire planet of earth . . . . Growing into an empire!!!

His entire life, Almar Eld was trained to fight. His senses were honed to a fine edge . . . bordering on supernatural. He could pull his pulse weapon and kill three people in the room before anyone saw his hand move. The advanced Technology of Eld combined with these skills, made him the epitome of warrior! Once his gunslinging skills were mastered, he was then put into simulators and starships of every kind . . until he could fly with his eyes closed and defeat any enemy, in the air, or in the cold of space!!!!!

Battle was only the beginning of his training. The best artists, historians, philosophers, even people that dabbled in sorcery, as well as the most complex engineering minds in the empire. Where his tutors. His mind was sharpened more than any blade he could ever wield.

His father, the Emperor, made it very clear that he was expected to take over the reign of the empire someday. So when his warrior training was not taking up all of his time, his training in language, arts, diplomacy, science, and other matters of State did!

Then one day something happened that changed everything. On the home planet of Earth in the Barony of Gilead.

A routine survey team found something in the depths of a melting glacier cave. The artifacts they recovered looked like primitive robots, but no one could ever have understood the devastation that was about to be unleashed on Earth!

The sentinels had arrived in the earth system of Sol!!!

Even in the enlightened times that the Young Prince lived in, where human beings no longer devastated the planet and stripped it of its natural resources for greed. Even in these new times, human beings were not kind to the earth. It did not take the sentinels long to decide that Homo-Sapiens were a cancer to be eliminated.

Their programming was to protect anything natural, so they integrated the planet Earth into their mandate and started to ” protect it”