The Archivist’s Welcoming Party

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The Archivist’s Welcoming Party

On April 23, 2022, Archivist Mortaine (that’s me!) hosted a party at the Eld Orado, a coast-side resort and night club with both underwater and above-water dance floor, and sick ByteBeat music.

At the party, Emperor Almar Eld announced the winner of the Base Building Contest. Finalists were ICO Lady Velvet with her home featuring the clean lines of Gek architecture, and Beninja777‘s , who not only won the competition, but has been named Imperial Architect!

Aether Processing Facility by Beninja77, Picture by Emperor Almar Eld

I’d provided a bunch of food in the nutritional processors, but very little was sampled through the evening. Instead, the party focused on dancing, hanging out, and setting off some truly impressive fireworks, provided by the Emperor.

Guests arrived in starship, on foot, by teleporter, and even riding in on their pets! Truly some magnificent and creative ways to get around in our empire!

After nightfall, the party picked up, as travelers took to the dance floor. Come dawn, however, we found ourselves in a pirate attack, which turned into a spontaneous airshow as multiple guests took the the skies!

The party lasted about an hour, spanning a full Eld Earth day, and wound down after sunset, with an impromptu pet show after-party.

This was the first Empire of Eld party, but it was such a hit, it definitely won’t be the last!