May 2022: Bases to Visit on Eld Earth

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May 2022: Bases to Visit on Eld Earth

Looking for some base inspiration? Planning a getaway? Here are this month’s featured bases to visit!

Observation Romeo

Observation Romeo by ShowMetheMurch (-47.32m+158.69) had my head spinning with how unbelievably…. tall it is! This tower is all windows and stairs! There’s a short-range teleporter to get you partway, but mostly… you are going to be running upstairs…a bunch!

So many stairs…and windows!

Once you get up there, though, the views are incredible!

Don’t miss the view of Eld Earth from the top of Observation Romeo!

Finally, this tower is build directly over the water, so if you’re brave enough…. take a dive!



Our second selection this month is a step in the complete opposite direction: Vitunati by iEsk (-44.78,+160.44). This tiny home is a lesson in efficiency and coziness, with just four tiny rooms and a storage shed. But what a great view of the lake!

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