Hosting Parties in Eld

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Hosting Parties in Eld

Pic by Lord Joker

Parties in No Man’s Sky can be a fantastic way to gather, be social, and make connections in this lonely universe. But how do you throw a party or event yourself?

Here are some tips for hosting a party in Eld!

Post a Catchy Invite

Nobody will know to come to your party if they don’t know the details! Your party invitation should have the following information:

Who: Obviously you are inviting, and the invitees are anyone in the civ, right?

What: What kind of party is it?

Where: Include your base location’s ground coordinates. If your base is off-planet, also include the planet and system coordinates, if necessary.

When: TIME ZONES ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND! Post the time and date in your current time zone, at least one other time zone, and UFT time. Use a time zone converter to help you figure out when exactly your party is for folks outside your zone.

Why: This ties into “What kind of party.” If your party is to celebrate a milestone, say so.

PVP? Is the party open to player-vs-player violence?

Put all of this into a catchy graphic! I use Canva to create my invitations, as it has a number of great design elements that are easy to put together. Here’s an example of an invitation:

Also, type it all up into a post and submit it with your graphic to the #host-an-event channel so it can be promoted by the officers.

Location, Location, Location

Your base is where the party is, so make sure it’s a good place for your guests! Upload your base a lot. About a week before the gathering, do not make any more changes to the floors or terrain– this gives the floors time to get propagated to the discovery servers.

Encourage guests to come to your base a few days before the party so the upload will be fresh on the day of the event.

On the day of the party, upload your base every 20 minutes or so and after any last-minute changes. Again– don’t edit your terrain or floors. This is especially true if you have a sky base!

Party Boats!

Party Up!

Right before the party, send out your friend code or ID card to the General-chat channel so folks can add you as a friend. After they join your group and arrive at the party, you can remove them from the group and they’ll still see others at the party.

So Much Room for Activities

Have an activity planned. Here are some suggestions:

  • If you have the quicksilver, get some fireworks.
  • Install a ByteBeat!
  • Build a racetrack and set up some friendly races.
  • Pet shows are always popular
  • How about making a PVP party? Last man standing wins!
  • Soccer is about to take Eld by storm! Don’t let Baron T Bone hog the arena glory!


Give out gifts and prizes!

  • Companion eggs
  • Resources
  • Salvaged Tech
  • Food and beverage items (these are neat gifts that folks rarely spend time to make for themselves)
  • Nip Nip buds– this is especially fun when they don’t realize they have it and get nabbed by the cops on their way to another system!
  • You can even give out non-tangible things, like bragging rights!

Closing Time

Have a decided end time. Parties are great, but all great things must end. 60-90 minutes is a pretty long party in No Man’s Sky, so plan your big finale. Encourage folks to continue to enjoy what your base has to offer, and don’t be afraid to log off after that.