Eld’s First Ground Mount Race!

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Eld’s First Ground Mount Race!

Saturday, May 21 at 7 PM CST (5 PM PT, Midnight UTC), the Empire of Eld is hosting its first ever Ground Mount Race.


Who: The Empire of Eld and its citizens

What: A race of ground mounts, plus party and more!

Where: Starts at the Eld Imperial Palace on Eld Earth, at -49.17,+163.42. Also streamed online!

Why: Why not? Win great prizes, and share in the community spirit of Eld!

Awesome Prizes!

The winner of the race receives a companion egg from the Emperor’s best mounts and the title of “Beast Master of Eld.”

The first, second, and third place winners will also receive cash prizes from Citizen zzshady.

All participants will receive food items that give sprint bursts (not applicable to companion mounts– no doping!)

Rules for Participants

The race begins at the Eld Imperial Palace and will take a route determined by the Emperor and his delegates.

Mounts must be ground creatures— no flying, swimming, or burrowing mounts permitted. Mounts may have vestigial wings. Mounts may have been modified in the genetic sequencer on the Anomaly, and may be wearing any companion gear.

Empire of Eld citizens can enter by posting in the #race-sign-up channel on Discord.

Where and When to Watch

The race will be streamed live in the Empire of Eld Discord server by Archivist Mortaine, and will also be available on her twitch stream.