Corporal Pixish

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Corporal Pixish

A story by Lord T-Bone TJG

This is the story of Corporal Pixish the feared Vy’keen warrior, he was a great leader and an excellent strategist, feared across the galaxy for his battle prowess, he never lost a battle. Corporal Pixish was the hier to his father’s battle fleet, which was mighty, powerful, and known across many systems.

The only problem was Pixish never wanted to be a warrior. Fortunately during a large battle in a friendly Gek system, Pixish’s fighter ‘The End of the Ratsuy’ was stuck out of the sky by an asteroid forcing him to crash land on a peaceful planet, it was here that he learned his preferred trade, farming.

Pixish’s father never gave up on his son, for 4 years he searched the Gek planet looking far and wide for any sign of his son going mad in the process, his crew worried for their commander, many were sick of the search and wanted to leave the crew, but they pressed on. When they did find Pixish, his father was on the brink of death and gave his son 2 choices, either he took the battle fleet back to his home world and bring glory back to his family, or he could have a single freighter go with him to start a business with his farming abilities on a certain planet that his father picked out for him, Pixish chose the latter and with his father’s blessing traveled to the planet Eld Earth where his glorious majesty Emperor Almar Eld II welcomed him and his crew with open arms. To this day Pixish has been living and farming on Eld Earth under the new name T BONE TJG.

Image by T-Bone