KarmaKhann’s Story

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KarmaKhann’s Story

Entry by Lord KarmaKhann

Its been a month since Aire made her visit to Eld. She’s lived on a freighter, with a Vy’keen crew for more years then she could count. At least in the triple digits, she’s lived on the move, seeing star after star. Making unit after unit, and occasionally getting into a duel with an, oh so bored crew member. Just like how she’s been resurrected to do. No? Her race, a race of avian like warriors. Similar to the Vy’keen, but much more. Fashionable, to say, they lived themselves to be a warrior. But at the same time making sure they looked above everyone else, they’ve had a very long grudge against the Vy’keen, too brutal for them, while the Vy’keen shared their own grudge, part of was their love for the Gek, part of it was their favoritism of Exotic and merchant vessels over true warrior vessels. Her race, went extinct centuries ago, her race was much smaller. Ruthlessly hunted by the Vy’keen, until. Nothing was left, only remnants of their vintage empire. Aire was part of this, she was supposed to be long gone, along with her race. She shouldn’t exist at all.

She had a long wish to mark herself across the stars, she was young. Until the extinction came, she never got to live her dream, until. As death krept across her form, she was awoken again. Just fine, in a dark, black and red room. Her mind was clear, she remembered everything. She was taken by a warrior, but why was she alive? She lay still on her back, gazing up at the blood red, morphing. Changing ball that engulfed her view, it was massive, it towered over her like a giant to an ant… She felt she wasn’t the first one here, what was it? Was, it the Atlas? A voice spoke in her mind. She couldn’t understand a word, she only understood one. Her name, it spoke to her. It morphed and bulged as it corrupted her mind with it’s words, she closed her eyes, she moved her wings in front of her face. She wanted to scream, to scream for help. But she could never find how, she forgot how to scream, she forgot how to talk, she could only endure as the Atlas spoke to her. She couldn’t understand, she only understood her name… It went silent, she emerged her face once more. A path was laid in front of her, white circles leading to an interface. She stood up, her legs were weak, she felt as she haven’t ate in months. She trudged towards the interface, looking up at the giant crimson ball, the interface lit up in white with her presence.

Pillars, once seen as one piece opened up and raised into two, the Atlas spoke to her again. She slowly raised her wing, hovering over the small panel. The panel turned red, she couldn’t move her wing. The crimson ball morphed once more, the interface glowed bright, seen Aire was frozen still. A red mist emerged from the panel, soon engulfing her, she wanted to close her eyes. To get away, she couldn’t, she felt the mist piercing her skin, making its way inside of her. She felt herself being taken, a foreign entity making its home within her, the interface was a blinding red, until it all ended with a flash. She collapsed, laying on her side. She suddenly didn’t feel weak anymore, she didn’t feel tired. Though, she could feel a pair of eyes, gazing from hers, like she had a second pair of eyes. Her normally brown marble eyes were engulfed by a crimson red, she sat up. Feeling dazed and confused, oblivious to her new eyes, she blinked. They were gone, her eyes turned normal again.

The crimson ball still loomed over her, a voice spoke inside of her head. It said her name. “Aire, travel for me. Let me see my creations, through your eyes.” She understood it all, was… It inside of her, she felt her mind being read, her limbs occupied by a second being. Her eyes glowed a faint crimson once more, she closed her eyes. A tear creeping out, what happened? She slowly gained her senses, she. She knew her purpose, its what the Atlas told her to do, she opened her eyes, looking back. There was 4 landing pads behind her, one held a very basic starship, but ready. She stood up, staring at the crimson ball, the Atlas. For a bit more, before turning back, and visiting the lone starship. It was fully equipped, it had the basics, also containing a small multi-tool and an exosuit that looked to be a fit, the Atlas gave her life. She didn’t know how long its been since her species extinction, she only had a purpose. Given by a god, somehow. She already knew how to fly the starship, and use the exosuit. She took off, rocketing towards the exit, through the cockpit. She stared at the Atlas once more, before the door closed. Leaving her in space, though. She felt far from alone…

Ever since the encounter, and her resurrection- She tried to find any kind of remnants of her race, she didn’t dare ask a Vy’keen, or take off her exosuit for any reason, she was about as tall as a Gek, so. She was assumed that way, she soon found answers, a wise Gek. Trapped in a tiny settlement, she learned just how its been, its been 3 centuries, everybody has almost forgotten about her race. There’s been no traces of any other species of hers living, she was alone.

But, she kept with her purpose… She’s seen planet after planet, the Atlas always with her, inside of her. Always being amazed with what the god has made, but. She’s been tugged by an invisible force to move on, oh how she desperately wanted to take off her exosuit. To spread her wings and enjoy the fresh air of the planets of paradise, but she couldn’t. What would any locals think? A lone Avali, an extinct race yet there being one, what would they think of the Atlas being within her? She explored for years, she never felt herself age. No, she’s always stood young, just barely the age of an adult, was she immortal?

For, all this time. Being honest, she lived inside of her ship, she never had a base to call home. She couldn’t find herself to make one, or make a stake inside of a settlement, she always wanted to move on. Though, she needed somewhere to sleep! After a few years of her travels, a routine jump. As she blasted out of hyperspace, directly in front of her were behemoths of metal, massive ships. A hanger at the back, like mobile space stations, a gargantuan ship seeming to be the ringleader, it was the size of a space station! Though, its alarms were ringing out, all of them were. Confusion crept over her, her communication module lit up, a distress signal ringing out, it was a Vy’keen captain, with a Vy’keen crew. Even while attempting to hold his honor, he seemed stressed. Yelling about how pirates were attacking their great vessel, she felt inclined to help. She had nothing but a minor photon cannon and a tiny ship, she chose her target and raced in…

Her movements were sloppy, its been a long time since she’s been in a fight, but she picked off each ship. One by one, until the last one collapsed into a fireball… Her communication module rung out again, it was the captain. Directly to her, he was happy. He commended her for the bravery it took, she got an invite aboard the ship… Inside were landing pads, multiple ships making their home here. Two flights of stairs led deeper into the ship, she made sure her exosuit stood strong. She made her way to the bridge, the captain waving to her across the room, he spoke to her excited. He was honored by the rescue, he spoke how the weight of leadership was tiring him, he offered her to take command. She took the offer, signing the ship to her name. The Night Rayet, the rest of the fleet left the ringleader, not content with the leadership change. She had a lot on her plate, but at least a new home. But, with a crew she once hated.