Personal Log #002: Lord Gold

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Personal Log #002: Lord Gold

Personal log of Lord GoldGod-TXHG
Well few days have pasted since my last entry…. I’ve managed to repair all my weapons systems and even a few upgrades… strange signal still consistent… had another run in with pirates roaming about near the palace… seems they where waiting to catch someone off guard, I wouldn’t say a warning shot would be catching them off guard but they definitely were not expecting me… but never the less they where handled… 2 Confirmed 1 Fleed… did not pursue, though I am curious where they call home, we’ve come across a few outlaw systems when we needed new nip nip seeds but they stuck to there own space… these are not outlaws these are pirates for sure… further intel expected once Project Eld Gem is complete…

He Slaps the terminal as the screen goes black then returns to its normal functions, he shakes his head then resumes typing.

I will be headed out to scout adequate locations asap…

Also Found a planet with High Xeno and Aeron activity…. Attempt to make peaceful contact denied…. I did get a weird egg sac out of the deal but the damn things where not to happy bout it, obviously I managed to make it off the planet if I’m making this entry but I will definitely come more prepared next time… Aeron activity comes as no surprise but to have a xeno colony that close to eld prime can not go unchecked… a spread to one of the near by planets could prove detrimental… if it becomes more of an issue I will report to higher authority… that’s all for now

Lord Gold Of Eld Signing Off