Personal Log #001: Lord Gold

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Personal Log #001: Lord Gold


Lord Gold here, guess you know that already.. Well, Day one in Eld Prime went as expected. Completed a mission, collected my units and returned home…. But there was one thing that struck me as a bit odd… a frequency I had never heard before.. The Commander of The Kalenbrembor, Toil-gek Uruk seems to believe it to be of Aeron origin. While I will not bother the royal court or any of my fellow pilots, it beckons me… I’ve read story’s of the Aerons, Precursors to what we know today as the sentinels, long since banished by the atlas only to return reborn. Few believe any of the original Aerons still exist. But if the liberation of Raxxla from what claimed to be the last standing tribe of the first spawn, taught me anything it’s not to believe all that you hear...

for now I must gather resources and tempt to gather a proper footing in the sector but I will maintain observation over the signal… further news I have befriended one of the local fauna, he uttered but one word ubee, so that will be his name. Ubee-Ubee, has been fitted with a storage tank and an armored chest plate and set to guard the Comms station until construction is complete. 

That is all for now. Seems the mess hall has cleared so I’m going to grab a bite to eat and get some rest 

Lord Gold Of Eld Signing Off