Erra’s Story

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Erra’s Story

Long ago there was a great civil war between the Gek and its own people over the rise of population across the galaxy. Most thought Gek should be able to spread and grow, but some thought of them as infesting the galaxy with Gek rules and propaganda.

One stood out as he was the one who took on his people, alone. The legendary, Erra the Space Ronan fought until his dying breathe for his people to prosper and not become a plague. Sadly, Erra was killed after he killed off many of his own people, but that’s not the end of his story.

He awoke in the body of an anomaly on a strange planet hundreds of years later to find his family and friends were all gone. Hopeless he wondered the galaxy, alone until one day a stranger came to him in the anomaly and offered him a place among his people. He accepted and quickly they became his people. Erra the Space Ronan finally found home. That’s the story of Erra the Space Ronin…..

For now……