Log Entry

A space for Imperial missives, thoughts, diaries, and stories.

Log Entry

Log entry from DMR

-History Files accessed
-Camera initializing
-Microphone initializing
-Transcribe system on
-Open Log?
No…a scruffy voice utters
-Start new log?
Yes…the utterance is once again heard
-Recording started

“Captain’s log…who am I kidding, am no captain.” It chuckles lightly with despair

“Log of…DMR? Yes, that is substantially decent.” He shifts his weight and taps lightly on the table.

There is a moment of silence where he sis along with toughts.

He croaks “Look at me, talking to myself like I’ve gone mad!” A sigh is heard

“I landed on Eld Earth. There seems to be a civiliation rising, an empire perhaps.” He slurrs and slowly picks up pace.

“This emperor is called Almar…Eld II if am not mistaken. He is tall and inquisitive. Fitting for a ma-person in his position.”

He catches himself before making any assumptions. He visibly wakes up.

“The economy of this planet seems just as fertile as the land it has. There is many bountiful land in Eld.” A bright thought crosses his mind,perhaps of the bright colored days of his past.

“Days are gone of when momma made pie and dad taught me how to farm.” he utters in despair

“I had to enlist and find my brother. They took him, those damn maniacs.” He exasperates

“That damned war and all for a couple of bucks. What was exchanged?…The lives of millions.” He seems visibly drunk and depressed

“Poor SBR was never found. I do not even know if he made it to the frontlines. I remember news about a troop transport that was destroyed over Frain-4.”

“He could’ve been there or not. Regardless momma received a folded flag and I had to look for him.” He looks down

“I met many faces. I saw starships on fire over Groul-9. I saw glisters glitter in the night sky. Faced metal meteors as they penetrated the battered sky.”

“The war made me who I am today.” Silence prevails

“SBR, I will find you one day even if it costs me my life. I left home for you. Not for those damn fools that wanted me to shoot for a couple of bucks”

“I have blood on my hands, blood that will never wash off. It is a stain on my life but through the betterment of society I could perhaps clean it off.”

“Now to impending business.”

“Make note of farming in Eld. Climate is adequate. Soil is pristine. Intiative is lacking” He locks in again into making his log.

“I search for my next opportunity to expand the family business. Like my fathers before me, they all laid claims to economies around the world”

“Building the foundations for bountiful and succesfull planets but I myself have found a civilization that lacks the economical intiative to boost itself across galaxies.”

He thinks and spins in his chair, you can see his feet dangle.

“I am Gek, our history is rotten of war and mistakes, I can not be another. Assuming can get me killed in this violent universe.”

“Perhaps the economy might seem lacking but there is also the chance that I am missing something.”

He stands from his chair as if his head lit on fire.

“Yes! Of course! I have to meet the Emperor himself and see his economical status.”

“There could be a missing piece in my assesment, well if this even is one.” He laughs you can visibly see his mood change.

“Well I must meet the civilians of this empire and make myself a part of it. Who knows I could setle down.” A dark though crosses his mind

“War has battered my body it, its time to sit down and heal. Maybe make a deal.”

“Well that unironically rhymed.” He sits down and leans to turn off the computer.

“Long live the good.”

-System shutting down.