Fire and Fury!

A space for Imperial missives, thoughts, diaries, and stories.

Fire and Fury!

The day I felt like pirate bait…. by Master Archivist Mortaine

“Okay, meet me at the trade terminal and– oh no.”

The sirens interrupted my conversation with the new prospective citizen. Ir0n Val0r was still making his way into the trade center when the worst happened– pirates!

“Hold on, let me call the Navy.” I quickly pulled up my communicator and punched into the SOS: “Pirates at the Imperial Starport!”

I knew it would take a few minutes for the pilots to scramble. Waiting it out seemed to take forever, and the new prospect was on a deadline.

“Ah, forget it,” I muttered, heading for my ship. Dodging fire from above, I hopped into the Aegis of Melody and took to the skies.

But something was very wrong. My squadron filled in around me, but my controls were way off. I couldn’t target anything, kept near-missing the ground– everything was off by a few degrees, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t hit– aha!

A good solid hit! Except… the sentinel scanner alarm went off. This too?!?

I started to climb toward orbit, directing the prospect to follow. We couldn’t face both pirates and sentinels at the same time.

Below, I saw Trixie Frey’s ship swoop in to engage the pirates– thank goodness! Iron Valor and I escaped and pulsed away, then turned back to return to Eld Earth and picking a good site for his home.

As we flew into the atmosphere… more alarms.

Not again! I hit the SOS command a second time.

This time I saw the sleek fighter of Admiral Ryno. I can’t believe I bothered the Admiral for this! But with his help, we got the new prospect onto the ground in a location where he felt comfortable setting up a home.

I look forward to seeing it when it’s ready!