The Empire Gains A Princess, Fauna RACE To Commemorate!

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The Empire Gains A Princess, Fauna RACE To Commemorate!

An audience with the Emperor

As one of the Empire’s original and most dedicated citizens, our Grand Archivist Mortaine has always been involved and stepped up to the plate. It’s because of her hard work and leadership that the Empire has such a large presence, in-game and out. Coordinating the documentation of citizens, bases, planets, and systems won’t happen by itself! As the Empire breaks over 140(!!) citizens, It’s an honor to announce our new Princess! Long live Princess Mortaine!

To celebrate this event, the citizens of the Empire held one of the first ever organized mount races in the history of No Man’s Sky! The rules were simple: no flying mounts or vehicles; first to the marker and back is the winner.

The contestants were:

As you can see, this is a formidable lineup, with Chonko being my favorite to win!

And with that, comes our victor; congratulations to Lord One For pAll! From this day forth, you shall be known as Beast Master One For pAll!

What would a celebration be without fireworks?!

Check out the stream VODs while you can!

Lord Baron Tomahawk72

Count Erra