Month: June 2022

A space for Imperial missives, thoughts, diaries, and stories.

Double Hub Status

As of June 29, 2022, the Empire of Eld has reached Double Hub status! Double Hub means that we have at least 20 verifiable citizens and at least 20 bases, all logged in our wiki’s Census page. It’s a great honor and accomplishment to achieve this status. We are one of only eight civilizations with…
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Empire of Eld Pride Party – Video

Video from the Empire of Eld LGBTQ+ Pride party!

Transmission Log

An entry by Duke Erra, CEO of Erres Eld, Inc. “Well, (taking another drag of his nipnip cigar) there’s a long version and a short version to this story, but the only way to understand is to know the full story” Erra, visibly starting to shake under the stress of remembering the trauma. “this is…
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Happy Pride Month!

Happy Pride Month to all our LGBTQ+ siblings in Eld and beyond! This month, we’ve been posting our rainbow pride love at the Eld Twitter account under the hashtag #nomanspride. We also have a big Pride Party scheduled for June 25th at 1 PM CST (11 AM PST) The party is at The Eld Orado,…
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Lord Dragon, Paleontologist

An entry from Lord Dragon6768 I have noticed something interesting on Saturn II, I am collecting samples and when I am done I will write down my findings here…. I have found fossils on Saturn! They are nothing like the burrowing monstrosities that roam the planet today. It seems that Saturn II was not always…
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Imperial Beginnings, Part 2

In the most unfortunate turn of events, the very first drones activated by the scientists who were experimenting, Just happened to be drones which were designed to replicate other sentinels! Immediately after replicating the first dozen drones, the programming identified Homo sapiens as their enemy. Shortly thereafter, the cleansing of Earth began. We Begin our…
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Blackhole Blackout

An entry by Redneck_Blondie, Count and Senator-Elect of Eld. This is acting-Admiral Redneck_blondie, My fleet has suffered heavy loses to an enemy who was once a friend. I am slowly being sucked into the gravity well of a blackhole in a heavily damaged star fighter. With the capital ship destroyed and our commanders aboard killed…
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Last Report/First Report

An entry by Admiral PoisonRum — Broadcasting from a derelict freighter drifting along the edges of Euclid — kzzzkt — This will be my last report, we’ve been overrun… — kzzzzkt — The crew and I made a deal with a notorious band of Vy’keen pirates to smuggle black market goods into Gek Federation Systems.…
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June 2022: Featured Bases of Eld

This month, the Empire of Eld visits two nautical-themed pashmina…no wait. Nautical themed bases!