Transmission Log

A space for Imperial missives, thoughts, diaries, and stories.

Transmission Log

An entry by Duke Erra, CEO of Erres Eld, Inc.

High patch squeal proceeded by a beeping then you begin to hear Erra.

“Well, (taking another drag of his nipnip cigar) there’s a long version and a short version to this story, but the only way to understand is to know the full story” Erra, visibly starting to shake under the stress of remembering the trauma. “this is the story of my best friend to ever live and how I somehow was able to get a miracle. When I was a young lad, my father and I were at the market and we saw a young korvaxian lad, much younger than his sister and himself, stealing a piece of foreign fruit from a mean old gek man. He caught him, but instead of scolding or calling for the authorities, he grabbed his lizardish pet. The boy wept in front of that shack for what felt like hours. I started to tear up just looking at the boy” Erra crashes his hand down against the table and breaks a cup.

Barely scratching his metaling body. “what a curse of never feeling pain, yet a blessing of rebirth of myself and my dear friend” (takes a drag off the nipnip cigar) “okay went off topic! So after the long wait, watching this poor boy, I managed to sneak away from my father and out of anger kicked in his window. As the glass shatters I bolted in as the terrible old man was holding a multi-tool against the animals head. I snapped and beat the terrible man with the closest chair I saw and needless to say, saved the poor animal, but by time the authorities finally did show, they cuffed me and quickly threw me in prison. As a young gek” starts visibly shaking as well as his voice starts to violently speeding up. “In a Korvax prison, I was verbally, and physically abused daily for 2 years then, moved to isolation for 3 more years after an altercation, it was taking a lot from me. The only friend, companion, brother, I had was this adorably ugly thing I’ve decided to keep as a pet. I named him Wally, after the boy whom I never saw again.

Wally became my only escape on this hell rock of a prison. I was released on good behavior after 5 years of absolute nightmares.” You can hear and see him start to calm as he smokes a little more. “Wally stayed by me through it all. We adventured the entire land of our homeworld. As the war started to develop, he started hearing rumors of mass genocide of most of the population of his homeworld. He only saw Gek race begin to do terrible things. Well Wally did not like this gek man abusing this Vy’keen child. He charged at him as he did the man pointed his multitool at Wally. That was the day….. The day I lost my soul.” Erra stands up and screams as he drives his fist through the wall. ” My sincerest apologies, I must walk away to compose myself” he walks outside to calm. He looks at WAL.E 2.0, as he starts making sympathetic sounds through his speakers. “thank you buddie, just your presence helps.” Happy sounds come from WAL.E. Erra walks back inside and sits down. “okay, whew, where was I? Oh yeah…. So after that I lost it. Anyone I saw do any of these atrocious acts, I began to sentence my own justice own. I began to slaughter hundreds of thousands of these abominations so called Gek. Very quickly gaining the title, ‘Erra the Space Ronin’ as I drifted from system to system, wiping this scum from the earth.

After a long battle I was shot in the arm, then stomach. As I laid there screaming in agony, HE came towering over me. That look on his face, the grin, I’ll never forget it. As he put a round into my forehead he said, ‘brother, you chose the wrong side’ I replied, ‘no it is you brother, who have disgraced our proud race. I may die, but your soul will never be forgiven’ then I spit a bloody spit directly into his eyes. Angrily he says nothing and pulls the trigger. The next what seemed like few minutes, I will never be able to describe, yet that feeling will always haunt me. I awoke on a planet, not far from my new homeworld as of late. Dazed, confused, I stubbled the barren waste to come across this mechanical body. A minotaur but not like any other. This one had some kind of artificial intelligence installed. He was very fond of me, etched into the motherboard was an inscription, one that made me start to cry and hug this ugly hunk of metal. The inscription only wrote ‘May Wally be reunited with his master and best friend, -Anonymous.’ I knew it was him. My only friend, how? Why am I so lucky? I thought I was destined to be alone forever without him. I decided Wally didn’t fit a hunk of metal, so I thought of an old translation I once read many years ago in my travels. WAL.E 2.0 was his new name. WAL.E is my main guy and I’ll never lose him now.” Erra says laughing “mainly because we’re both now metal hunks of junk. Haha. I could have summed all of this, but you would not truly understand. I hope you grow to love him as I do, whomever you are, I will forever be in your deptkkkkkkkssshhhhhhhh