July Featured Bases

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July Featured Bases

We’re a little late with the featured bases this month, but well worth the wait!

First up, we have the Magnus Fjord Meadhall by EvanMagnus17 at -16.87,-144.13.

The Magnus Fjord Meadhall

This base is dominated, as any good meadhall should be, by a large, open meeting room with bartop counter for one’s comitatus to meet, and gather, share stories, cheer, and treasure.

Interior of the Magnus Fjord Meadhall

It’s part gathering hall, part residence, as the Magnus has a small residential room adjoining the meadhall. A beautiful base with a great sense of style and ceremony.

Our second base this month is the Distant Monastery of the Notorious Valley by Monsieur Mathié Bal at +33.55,+171.07.

My advice for anyone visiting this base is to take it slow. Don’t run. Don’t jetpack. Just walk through the monastery with the decorum and meditative focus the locale demands.

The Distant Monastery of the Notorious Valley

The first thing you will notice on arrival is “gosh, that’s a lot of stairs.” Take them nice and slowly. Enjoy the walk. As you arrive at the main temple, you will enter a large courtyard, and then the building itself.

A large, long nave leads to the choir, where pews face a central sphere and altar. Flanking the nave are two long aisles, where fireplaces and more spheres dominate.

The choir, giant sphere, and altar

Transepts leading off from the nave lead to statues of a traveler and the Atlas itself.

Returning outside, the monastery offers a small sanctum, hexagonal in shape, where a weary Traveler might rest in quiet contemplation– or use the teleporter to leave quietly.

Monastery outbuilding

Both of the Featured Bases this month offer interesting builds with specific themes, and showcase real creative spirit in both architecture and decor. Be sure to check them out when you get a chance, and be inspired!