Mission Report: Project Goat

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Mission Report: Project Goat

An entry from alilgoat, citizen of the Empire.

Days on Mission: 8 
Total Casualties: 0

Getting settled in to my new abode, the architect assured me the blueprint I chose inspires thoughts of retirement and house parties, a perfect guise for the hidden labs within. The internal pressurized chambers built deep into the rock will provide ample protection for what is to come. It appears the local entities may pose problems in the future, they seem rather curious. The external structure will likely need to be replaced often to avoid suspicion. I was worried that the underground structures would be discovered during the mandatory citizen housing inspection, but it seemed to be just a formality after all my worry, no true inspection was conducted.

I installed landing pads to expedite component deliveries, but the locals have taken it as an invitation to visit! I plan to submit an official request to the Eld Empire to establish a “no fly zone” over my compound.

I’ve mapped numerous potential Magnetic Field Disrupter (MFD) deployment sites, and have already begun producing the power elements. I estimate I will have at least 3 MFD’s deployed by the end of the month. I do not yet own the property rights for many of the future sites, I will have to request further acquisition funds from the settlement before they can be secured. The scanners picked up an unknown power signature in the cave systems, but it will be some time before I can get the nautilus fueled. I will be bogged down by all these projects, I will be very busy, expect the next entry to be delayed.