Stories of a Legionnaire, Part I

A space for Imperial missives, thoughts, diaries, and stories.

Stories of a Legionnaire, Part I

An entry by Pilot Fonzilla

Ever since I was a young Gek, I had my eyes fixed on the stars.

I wasn’t raised on Eld Earth, I was raised on a planet once conquered by the First Spawn. My parents where merchants and pried themselves with their work, but after the collapse of the Spawn, a power vacuum consumed our planet.

Order was lost and war lords controlled every corner of our planet. All hope seemed to be lost, until I saw my first glimpse of an Eldian Legionnaire.

I can still remember the Eldian orbital drop troopers landing on our planet, fighting for the safety and freedom of the oppressed. Since that day I felt it in me that I owed the empire something. I owed the empire my life.

I quickly moved to Eld Earth, and after years of training I am now officially a pilot.

Zilla signing off

(Tzzk tzzk... end transmission)