Eld Outpost Log 2 – Project Goat

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Eld Outpost Log 2 – Project Goat

An entry by Citizen alilgoat.

Days on Mission: 24 
Total Casualties: 0

The first research outpost has been completed, and the first Magnetic Field Disruptor (MFD) is finally up and running.

I have severely underestimated the power requirements of this project. The Magnetic field of Eld Earth is far more powerful than we expected. The materials I have access to just can’t handle the strain, nearly a full month of using known equipment recipes just to power a single MFD. This schedule delay cannot continue or it will ruin everything. I will have to resort to that crackpot plan the settlement came up with to power these behemoths.

I’ll have to use the Earth itself.

The rich copper veins connecting this island network will act as my conduits, I’ll need as much conductivity as possible. The ocean will serve as the cooling system, the first few tests shouldn’t heat the water too much, but it will heat it enough to scare off the local wildlife before they’re cooked alive. I wouldn’t want that smell lingering while I’m trying to work. The second MFD will likely also require its own power, but after that I should be able to use their combined power to “jump-start” the rest using the copper veins and the Earth’s magnetic properties. I plan to bring in the Uchigitana just before the test to scare off the pesky frigates who hang about, I have yet to call her into orbit so she will catch them by surprise. They can’t see what is about to be done.

My third official request for establishing a “no fly zone” over my compound has been once again denied. The locals have garnered an irritating level of interest in my studies, my initial attempts at deterrence has done nothing but attract more. Due to the limited information I can provide, the request board simply sees me as a disgruntled home owner. The Eld Empire supports my freedom to do as I please, but they can’t bring themselves to remove the freedoms of the other citizens. Not without knowing about the safety concern that is… If only I could tell them of the danger… If only they understood the risks at stake! But I can’t tell them, not yet. They’d shut me down for sure!