Stories of a Legionnaire, Part II

A space for Imperial missives, thoughts, diaries, and stories.

Stories of a Legionnaire, Part II

An entry by Pilot Fonzulla.

(Tzzk tzzk... transmission on) 

After patrolling Eld Prime System for some days, I decided to make my way to Eld System 305. Eld Space was secure, but my intuition as a pilot led me to travel to the 305th System.

The rumors of the 305th system were all true, it was one of the most beautiful sectors I’ve visited. But my gut was right, this sector was infested with sentinels.

I approached the most habitable planet and was quickly swarmed by a group of hostiles. When I landed, I unloaded my multi-tool until the barrel was scorching hot, and rapidly engaged my cloaking device to get out of danger.

My Legion training served me well. I found a vantage point not far from my ship, and with my cloaking device on, I picked the sentinels off 1 by 1.

Once my device was depleted, the enemy found my location. I quickly acted as any Legion pilot would have, and engaged my jetpack. Once airborne, I engaged the last 2 enemies with my bolt caster. As I landed, the 2 metal husk crashed to the ground beside me.

I knew that even though my life was in danger, all I had to do was follow my training.

(Tzzk tzzk... transmission off)