A Dragon Arrives

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A Dragon Arrives

Lord dragon, with a flask on top of his head.

An entry by Lord Dragon6768

Something about my appearance, I was once a normal traveler entity but there was an accident with a appearance modifier that made me look like this, it felt like I was on fire as the machine cut my flesh, warping my face into something horrible and wrong. After running diagnostics on the modifier it seemed to emit a strange signal that I later picked up in deep space, it was an old freighter infested with monstrosities that had been floating there for years I never found out why it was emitting a corrupt signal but maybe one day I will come across the wreck once more and find out what really happened.

Did you know I used to own a robotics “factory” me and a Korvax scientist did some research on some strange worlds with robotic fauna with the intent of creating a robot of our own, we only reached the prototype phase using prefabricated tech (there is probably still one in the building) but it never went anywhere and money got tight, we started rebranding the strange robots that lived on the planets as if we built them calling them DESDs it worked for a while until people realized they could just go to the planet and tame one for themselves so money was tight… again so we were forced to sell… other… products but that made the Aerons mad they came after us again and again until I finally let them board up my facility (it was more like a warehouse though) ever since I have been killing sentinels and I got good at it too but nobody really knew why I loved killing them so much, they took my research, my prototypes my life

Lord Dragon's base, a large shed-like structure made of alloy with a large lighted sign in front. A large array of solar panels and batteries are to the right.
The large “shed” of Lord Dragon

I am going to do something it might be dangerous but it is for science if this works so many answers will reveal themselves! Wish me luck–

Large alloy structure, very box-like
What secrets does this building hold?