First Tale of Nox Chapter 1.

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First Tale of Nox Chapter 1.

The full emblem with the motto, in all its glory

Entry By Cadet Nox_TheBoldJaun

Before finding this glorious empire… I was alone, a wanderer who had seen many civilizations of travelers and anomalies fall and rise for quite some time, a lone traveler like many others out there. with a needed risk in order to escape another bland solar system, The Traveler is formerly known as Nox the Consumed. He had warped into another system to see another bland sight for but a moment, one moment.. the next?

A black hole he had been warped directly next to via his faulty ship systems. Unable to escape its pull the traveler had accepted his fate as another to perish amongst the stars. Only to have found himself alive and well within a heavily damaged ship. Barreling towards a planet so majestic, Nox for a moment forgot his life was still on the line. The Former hopeless and depressive Traveler wanted to see this world, to explore its beauty. Its glory. To do that he must survive! To witness all that was to be on this world. Nox had crashed into a large hillside, ruining the reddish grass but luckily not the view of a settlement known as Elden Shire. This would be his first stop, and interaction with other sentient beings in a long… long… time.