Second Tale of Nox:The Settlement

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Second Tale of Nox:The Settlement

The full emblem with the motto, in all its glory

Entry By Cadet Nox_TheBoldJaun

Nox just after the crash was barely scratched.. more so the underside of his ship was all that suffered. He would be grounded until he found out what he had to fix and then of course, fix it. Nox upon approaching the settlement saw it was wealthy and just bustling with life. Unlike the many others he saw that were in debt, this was quite the sight. But just as he stepped into the boundaries of town, a raid occurred.. Nox could do nothing to stop it but fire at them with his multitool.

There were five high speed targets. He could not hit any of them, the Vy’keen settlers who were taken off guard by the attack were also fighting but without dealing significant damage. Just as Nox was about to be slain along with the settlers, a shining yellow ship with a golden trail comparable to that of the sun’s glare flew over head and destroyed a ship right off the bat, the other four leaving as more fighters just like the first were approaching. The Vy’keen cheered, shouting “Warriors of the Legion” in their language as Nox stood in awe. Such organization.. he hadn’t seen a world with such a defense ever.. was this the Atlas finally giving Nox a break? Perhaps it was. The defeat of the raiders was swift and glorious. The power of these ships was certainly not to be messed with… that’s when. One of the pilots landed their ship and stepped out. They were going to check on the Vy’keen settlers, but as usual it was the same sight when raiders attacked Elden Shire. Brave Vy’keen with their multi tools armed, some dead and other injured but still willing to put up a fight being cared for. The abnormality would be the new face. A traveler the pilot never saw before within the settlement.. yet strangely wearing their own colors.

To be continued later