Chronicles of Nox:The Settlement (Continued)

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Chronicles of Nox:The Settlement (Continued)

The full emblem with the motto, in all its glory

Entry By Cadet Nox_TheBoldJaun

The pilot approaching this unknown yet decorated figure was confused till they began speaking with Nox, it turns out the two had a similar origin to the empire’s graceful entrance into their lives. So the Pilot took Nox to one of his superiors who had happened to be flying that day, an Admiral by the name of Onyr looked Nox up and down, side to side, and after hearing out his tale and his way of thinking… decided to recruit the now known Semi-Psychopathic Nox, as a cadet.

Cadet Nox proved somewhat questionable, trigger happy, but actually loyal. He’s described being recruited so far as a sort of “stress reliever” the training exercises he’s had as “a good way to get the old gears turning” and even going so far as to say that he thinks he’ll enjoy staying here. After all he got to finally be active once again with his body and mind through the training routines of the Empire’s Legion. Though he was shortly promoted to a full fledged pilot soon after recruitment, he had built a history of harshness of a word and the intimidation of would be future recruits, as for what happened during the time he was still known as a pilot, will have to be recounted during the next chapter.

End chapter 2, Chronicles of Nox.