Welcome to Mariner II! Part 1

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Welcome to Mariner II! Part 1

Mariner II

Entry By Duchess Breath Of Calamity.

Presented by- The Mariner Corporation.

Mariner II- Welcome to Mariner II! Nothing happened to Mariner I of course; we just decided to build a whole new state of the art Galleon Class Capital ship for our corporation after Mariner I did not fall into a black hole. I repeat not. (My lawyers keep riding me about forgetting to say ‘not’) Let me take you through a little tour of our state of the art, structurally sound, comfortable, and totally up to build code ship. Let’s start with the saloon.

Saloon: Deck 1

-Saloon: Deck 1-

When you walk out of the bridge, and into the front hall, you can walk past all of that boring and complicated fleet management and portal crap. Turn left, and you can walk right into the Saloon of Mariner II. Most of the crew spend some nights off here, and order the finest Vy’keen liquor from our new state-of-the-art, Vy’keen made drinks dispenser. Smoking nip-nip is another of the past-times the crew love. Due to this, nip nip grows on the walls! The fantastic music can be repeating and irritable to even the most music hardy, but you can thank us later.

-Theater: Deck 2-

Come watch a movie with us! There are intricate water features running in the corners that were totally not because the room ran right into the sanitation pipes from the restrooms! The screen is just the right size. We have enough seats for at least one being, if not three.

Theater: Deck 2

-Engine Room: Deck 1-

There was more in the leisure section, but we’ll allow you to gawk at our trophies with your own eyes, and for the love of god, stay out of my bedroom. If you turn to the right in the fork by the bridge however, you will find the engine room on the first tube on that side. Here, we have the engine room which is running smoothly. If you gaze out of the windows, you can see the inner workings of the reactor. Just… Don’t mind the red lights. We are currently experiencing a small reactor meltdown contaminating the ship with extremely radioactive elements, but fear not; the worst you’ll experience is glowing defecate and major cancer within the next week or two.

Engine Room: Deck 1

End of part 1.