August Featured Bases

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August Featured Bases

Blue/white light squares spell out EMPIRE, flanked by landing pads

Another month and another couple of awesome bases are here for you to enjoy! This month’s theme is light panels. We have two great bases that are using these building blocks in creative ways!

First up, we have the Drive In Theater by Newcarsme11 at (coords).

An interestingly constructed base high in the air with lots of steps, a short range teleporter, and some kind of unusual chute mechanism. An orange starship is parked on top.
The Drive In Theater

This base by Eld citizen and Twitch streamer Newcarsme11 is a whimsical place for a party or just to enjoy the view.

Add fuel to the Biofuel generators to power up the ball chute games. I’m not sure what the rules are, but the ball is generated, then drops off into eternity….forever. This has the makings of a good Rube Goldberg machine!

But the dominating piece, and what brought it to today’s post, is the outdoor movie theater, complete with animation!

Who has popcorn?

Next up is Palpatine’s Outpost by Legion Cadet xDevotedKiller (-8.38,-169.41)

Right off the bat, you can see xDevotedKiller is a master pixel artist!

Blue/white light squares spell out EMPIRE, flanked by landing pads
What a welcome mat!

If you’re flying in, this is quite the sight to greet you, and I’m not sure what else there is to say about this other than WOW! There is plenty of parking at the 8 landing pads flanking this beautiful light sign.

If that wasn’t enough, head indoors (or arrive there by teleporter) and see what can best be described as a night club that only lacks some sick beats to make it perfect for a blue-hot gathering!

So how about it, xDevotedKiller? Are you going to host a party soon? The Empire is definitely intrigued!