Welcome to Mariner II! Part 2

A space for Imperial missives, thoughts, diaries, and stories.

Welcome to Mariner II! Part 2

Mariner II

Entry By Duchess Breath Of Calamity.

-Crew Quarters: Deck 1-

If you pass over the hallway to the reactor room, you will find the crew quarters. They are truly state of the art compared to Mariner I. They have ventilation so you aren’t smothered in CO^2, or suffocate. The best part is the new addition… Doors! Yes, that’s right, with years of research, we have finally found that crew privacy is important for morale! We have to make sure they aren’t smuggling nip-nip out of the bar though, so we installed windows. The sentinels dislike nip-nip… Shame on them…

Crew Quarters: Deck 1

-Air Recycling/Agricultural Module: Deck 2-

If you follow the ladder up from near the crew quarters, you will find a botanist’s heaven! I don’t know how to garden, and Timmy doesn’t either, but that’s why we hire people who know that they are doing even more than we do! We haven’t had an air crisis for 2… Nono… 3 days! Here, there are 2 ways you can go. Let’s go left to the mess hall first.

Air Recycling/Agricultural Module: Deck 2

-Mess Hall: Deck 2-

Mmm. I sure know how to cook. A dash of cyanide, a drizzle of plutonium, and my favorite, a ton of arsenic! I sure do love cooking stir fry for the crew. Oh! I’m sorry. Welcome to the mess hall! Not much more to say here. Let’s go back to the agricultural module, and go the other way; to the med-bay.

Mess Hall: Deck 2

End of part 2.