Welcome to Mariner II! Part 3

A space for Imperial missives, thoughts, diaries, and stories.

Welcome to Mariner II! Part 3

Mariner II

Entry By Duchess Breath Of Calamity.

-Med-Bay: Deck 2-

Welcome to the med-bay! You can get that cancer you contracted from the radioactive contaminants on the way up treated here! You’ll be on cancer preventive meds for the rest of your life by the way… Oh yeah, that’ll be three hundred thousand units please. Anyways, here is where we treat the victims of disease and accidents, especially not from the laboratory. (Again, my lawyers decided that forgetting the word not could be disastrous for the company.) Oh, and one final thing. If you see paint flaking off of medical equipment, you are legally required to say nothing. We did NOT repaint knock-off, unreliable, old, used medical equipment to make it look reliable. (Again, the lawyers thought the word not in all capital letters required.)


Med-Bay: Deck 2

-Weapons Module: Deck 2-

There was again a fork, but who wants to see a cargo room? Anyways, your first question may be: “Why do you have to go through the Weapons Module to get to the laboratory?” For that, I am contractually obliged to stay silent, even as the CEO here.

Weapons Module: Deck 2

-Laboratory: Deck 2-

Here is the laboratory. Ignore the corner over there. If you hear a heartbeat and or an alarm, don’t be… Alarmed, pun intended. Here, we study all kinds of anomalies, and nothing ever breaks the containment field… NOTHING EVER does. (Lawyers told me that I should tell you that last part.) Anyways, that’s the end of the tour here! The upper deck is unfinished, yet perfectly safe, but company secrecy bids me unable to show you yet. Be sure to get your cancer meds on the way out, and leave a five star rating, or I’m afraid we won’t send a squad to murder you and your family. (Again, lawyers told me to say ‘won’t’) Good day!

Laboratory: Deck 2

The end.