A Heretic’s Journey: Part 1

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A Heretic’s Journey: Part 1

A Heretic's Journey

Entry By Haereticus.

An Unexpected Visit In the distant reaches of the Eissentam galaxy an alarm sounds underground. ‘Alert. Unknown vessel has entered the system’. “Send all sensor data to my main console, I’ll take it there.” Walking swiftly through the underground sanctuary he passes empty workshops, stores, and homes. Making his way through the winding corridors he slips through the secret entrance, carefully closing it behind him. He approaches his console as data streams across the various monitors. The AI seeks direction as he stares at his viewer; ‘Should we initiate security protocols?’ “No. Reduce alert level and activate the beacon. Let them know we’re home.”

Haereticus can’t look away from the screen as he listens to the security systems powering down. He never thought he’d be seeing that ship again, especially not pulsing through his system headed for this forgotten sanctuary. Lost in thought, he’s brought back by the distant sonic boom of the small exotic pod descending towards him. As he heads out to the courtyard he sees the ship hovering towards him. He notices immediately the scorches of battle across it’s small hull. Built a top a squared mountain, his villa protects an ancient refuge. Long forgotten, Haereticus shared his intention to return here with only 2 others and he couldn’t imagine the circumstances where either would want to do the same. The cause that divided all three was fundamental and eternal.

He pushes down his excitement, she couldn’t have changed her mind, could she? The excitement quickly subsides and turns to concern as a figure appears at the opposite end of the courtyard. It’s Selene. Stopping in place, Haereticus tries to piece it all together. Just seeing Selene outside the safety of the Anomaly raises many questions but most of all it made him wonder, what’s happened to my sister? “Hello Harry.” “Selene? Where is Kiyastra? What happened?” “Let’s go inside and talk.”

End Part 1.