A Heretic’s Journey: Part 2-New History

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A Heretic’s Journey: Part 2-New History

Part 2: New History

Entry By Haereticus.

Sitting in the empty bar of Haereticus’ villa, he and Selene talk for hours. They talk of Nada, Polo and all the latest news from the crew of the Anomaly. “You haven’t visited since Tethys discovered a way to tame lost sentinels.” “I had to know what was happening, the machines were everywhere, all at once. But my duty is here now.” A long silence follows as both recount arguments of the past. Haereticus breaks the tension. “Enough evasion. That ship, it was given to Kiyastra after we liberated a Vy’keen settlement in Calypso. The overseer said a pilot of her skill deserved the finest ship to match.

Auggie was furious. She would never part with it. If you knew where she was or if she were dead you would have already come out with it. You’re waiting to find out what I know.” Selene’s tongue flicks in and out as they meet Haereticus’ gaze and look away. “She came into the Anomaly several days ago. Her ship was barely held together. She spoke to Nada and Polo, both seemed upset afterwards but won’t say what was said. She came to me, her exosuit was drained and in need of new upgrades. I fixed her up and she said she needed to go but would be back to explain everything. She had traveled to every known galaxy, just like she always said. But she was scared. She left through the teleporter but her ship remained.

Hyperion set about fixing it. We uploaded the nav data and saw it last came through this system.” “That’s not possible. My sensors would have alerted.” “The data shows she immediately summoned the Anomaly. It’s likely the distortion in space caused a blind spot in the array. Once the ship was repaired I volunteered to come here and follow her original path.” Haereticus contemplates this information. He had been preparing for Kiyastra to return from her journey for years. Why would she come so close to him only to hide herself? “Do you know what this place is? What it’s meant to be?”

To Be Continued…