A Heretic’s Journey: Part 3-New History (Continued…)

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A Heretic’s Journey: Part 3-New History (Continued…)

Part 2: New History (continued..)

Entry By Haereticus.

“Kiyastra, Augustus, and I all started this iteration in the same place, at the same time. We knew nothing of ourselves or how we came to be. All we knew were the names of the other two. We journeyed from the outer edges of the Euclid galaxy to the center. We battled pirates, sentinels, sandworms, predatory fauna and killer flora across every kind of planet you could imagine and many you could not.

Augustus was the warrior. Cunning, brave and quick to act. I was the builder, always looking to put down roots and create something new. Kiyastra was the explorer, always looking for the next horizon and what new discoveries it may hold. Together we stood before the Atlas itself, to learn the truth. When we did.. it affected each of us in very different ways. Augustus was enraged, feeling betrayed.

Kiyastra felt great pity for the Atlas. She wanted to know the truth it was trying to uncover.” Haereticus pauses. He hadn’t thought of that moment since he laid the first bricks of this sanctuary. Selene senses the answers she came to find are coming out.

“What did you feel?”


The servant drone fills his cup and he takes a long drink. “We had made the journey for nothing. So we needed new meaning. We refused the Atlas. We became Divergent. We made the journey to Eissentam and claimed our own paradise. We formed a community for all travelers.” Selene looks around at the dust covered room.

“What happened?”

“The community was my idea. Kiyastra never wanted to stop exploring and Auggie only wanted another opponent. The travelers who came to us for friendship and guidance only found themselves lost in the middle of our discontent.”

To Be Continued…