A log from the Explorer’s diary.

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A log from the Explorer’s diary.

The full emblem with the motto, in all its glory

Entry By Pilot Wolfsaiman.

Log 277: Eld Imperial Training System 150, Planet Yakutsk.

Day 1

It’s a glacial planet, lots of snow and low temperatures. It usually goes around -60° Celsius but when there’s storms it can get to -120°. I need to refill my exosuit every 5 minutes because of this temperatures. I was able to scan a few rocks and plants near the place I landed my ship. I also found 2 different creatures. After I find every creature, plant and mineral on this planet, I will register their info at the end of this log.

Day 2

I left my ship and went for a walk around the area. There’s more water than land around here. I’m sure there are bigger islands on this planet because I remember passing near one on my way here. I found more types of minerals and plants but still no animals. It looks like this planet doesn’t have much of animal life. It’s all rocks, snow, cold water and cold plants. I went into the water to see if I could find any kind of fish. I was able to find a few kinds of fish but again, not so many. I got back in my ship. I’ll explore farther away by the morning.

Day 3

I guess all I needed to do was moving far from my landing spot. Today I was able to find 5 different plants, 7 different rocks and 3 different animals. Temperatures are changing from -60° to -80° and -120° to -125° when there’s storms. I went so far I couldn’t get to my ship so I found a little cavern to sleep tonight.

Day 4

I think I’m lost. I tried to go the same way I went yesterday but somehow I couldn’t find my ship. I tried to call it with my exosuit but I had no response. I could find a few new rocks but I was more focused on finding my way to the ship. Once again I had to spend the night in a cavern before I could pass out in the middle of the snow.

To be continued