What time is it? Beach Party Time!

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What time is it? Beach Party Time!

Fireworks at the beach party HQ

Entry By Photographer Sunny Pixel with a few pictures from Photographer Warbear

The Empire of Eld’s beach party kicked off with funky music under a blazing sun and blue skies. Guests were given door prizes, cake, and ice cream. And for some reason, we talked about hippos, a lot. A friendly pet contest was started. Things got exciting when at least three giant pets were called forth resulting in a few untimely bluescreens of death.

Beach Party HQ; Built By Constructors Token & Warbear and decorated by Master Librarian Ghost Dog.
Having Fun Yet? With prizes like Silver, Gold and ice cream, you just have to be…
Companion love…We call them family, until we get the bluescreen of death.

The lost partygoers were missed, and we regrouped at the Princess’s pier due to the damages. Here an underwater cave had been set up for exploration. More gifts and food were passed around. The night closed in with this reporter sitting by the beach. There was a soft glow of a fluorescent tree to my right and the fireworks finale lighting the sky to my left. The sound of music and the voices of friends wrapped up a wonderful party.

The Bungalow location is known to be a “Gem” around Eld Earth, as a fluorescent tree and a huge underwater cave can be seen and explored (Don’t forget the free nipnips too…)
It was bound to be…If it weren’t for the Princess platforms and save beacons, the cave would make us all a part of it as getting lost in it is one’s destiny as they dive in the cave.
Who said art is dead?

After all the ice cream and Nipnips, seems like it was time to call it a day.
But oh no…Pilot Nox came in clutch by offering his place for an after-party.
And so whoever that was still around, went to Pilot Nox’s after party.
After visiting the place, we were on our way to check Explorer Cannibal’s base.
But every has to come to an end sometime, and with that kind of wisdom we called it off and each went his way.

I kaleidoscope you not.
There is enough companions for everyone, and even more ice cream.
Thanks to Master Architect Beninja, we had a quiet place to chill in and just take in the views.