Good luck, and Atlas Speed

A space for Imperial missives, thoughts, diaries, and stories.

Good luck, and Atlas Speed

A month ago, our beloved Emperor Almar Eld left with little warning, though on good terms. He had received a communication from a far-distant galaxy that he interpreted as being from his people. As you know, his majesty looked for a long time for any other survivors of his race, but to no avail.

While he sees us as his new, found family….he could not resist the draw of seeking out the possibility of family. And so, he left.

He intended not to be gone long, but after a week, Admiral Ryno gave leave to the Legion scouts to look for him. They did not find him, but they have not yet given up hope.

However. What they did find was a truly disturbing society, highly aggressive, very hostile. And they had picked up the trail of our Emperor, and saw where it led.

The Legion has been preparing since then to travel to Galaxy 150 and engage in this “Edge of Extinction.” They will seek these hostiles out and engage them.

Some of our friends will suffer in this action. Some will be killed and be reborn into new iterations. We honor them for the sacrifices they are about to make. They have already reached Galaxy 150 and engaged the enemy.

Good luck, soldiers, and may the Atlas guide you to glory