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July Featured Bases

July’s Featured Bases bring us a
beautiful meadhall and a meditative monastery!

Empire of Eld Pride Party – Video

Video from the Empire of Eld LGBTQ+ Pride party!

June 2022: Featured Bases of Eld

This month, the Empire of Eld visits two nautical-themed pashmina…no wait. Nautical themed bases!

How to Move or Rename a Page in the Wiki

This video is 2 minutes long. Ingredients: The page you want to move The object that is one category larger than it. For example: A base is inside a planet. A planet is inside a star system. To disambiguate a base, you put the planet name in parentheses.

Fire and Fury!

The day I felt like pirate bait…. by Master Archivist Mortaine “Okay, meet me at the trade terminal and– oh no.” The sirens interrupted my conversation with the new prospective citizen. Ir0n Val0r was still making his way into the trade center when the worst happened– pirates! “Hold on, let me call the Navy.” I…
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Eld Party #2

OK, it took me a week to recover from the second party, which was awesome!!! I’m just going to put the pics into a gallery. My memories have become a blur of fireworks, chatting, sharing food, playing with everyone’s pets, and just having a great time. Once again, the changes I made to The Eld…
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Hosting Parties in Eld

Hosting a party in No Man’s Sky takes a little bit of planning, but results in a whole lot of fun! Learn some tips on how to host!

May 2022: Bases to Visit on Eld Earth

May 2022: Two featured bases to visit and be inspired by!

May Party at Eld Orado!

In-game party for the citizens of the Empire of Eld!
TIME: May 7, 2022 9:00 AM PDT/1600 UTC
LOCATION: The Eld Orado on Eld Earth
COORDINATES: -45.01/+161.15
Please disable PVP for this event!

The Archivist’s Welcoming Party

On April 23, 2022, Archivist Mortaine (that’s me!) hosted a party at the Eld Orado, a coast-side resort and night club with both underwater and above-water dance floor, and sick ByteBeat music. At the party, Emperor Almar Eld announced the winner of the Base Building Contest. Finalists were ICO Lady Velvet with her home featuring…
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