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[Video] How to make a base page in the wiki

13.5 minutes Ingredients: The base name, builder’s username and/or wiki account name, The base ground coordinates (axes) A good picture of the base Some information about the base. In the Empire of Eld, this is in the base verification channel.

How to Move or Rename a Page in the Wiki

This video is 2 minutes long. Ingredients: The page you want to move The object that is one category larger than it. For example: A base is inside a planet. A planet is inside a star system. To disambiguate a base, you put the planet name in parentheses.

[Video] How to Change an Image in the NMS Wiki

This video is 2 minutes long. Ingredients: A login for the Fandom wiki The new image to upload Probably a sense of humility

[Video] How to Make a Star System Page in the Wiki

Instructions for making a star system page in the wiki. This video is 25 minutes long Ingredients: Screen shot of the galaxy map view of the star with details expaned Screen shot of the discovery page of the star Screen shot of the discovery page of each planet and moon Screen shot of a signal…
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Wiki Style Guide

Notes about documenting for the wiki: Advice in General: Use the source editor instead of visual; it’s more reliable and less headache. When hyperlinking, only link the first instance of the item (see exception in Bases: Features). Bases: include census join date and related info. Put Yes in the census for one base per member-…
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