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A log from the Explorer’s diary. Part 2

I wasn’t able to find my ship again. I don’t know what to do, I’m stuck in this mount of ice. I think this log became a diary by now. Why should I keep writing this on if I’m gonna die soon?

A log from the Explorer’s diary.

It’s a glacial planet, lots of snow and low temperatures. It usually goes around -60° Celsius but when there’s storms it can get to -120°.

Welcome to Mariner II! Part 3

Welcome to the med-bay! You can get that cancer you contracted from the radioactive contaminants on the way up treated here!

Welcome to Mariner II! Part 2

If you pass over the hallway to the reactor room, you will find the crew quarters. They are truly state of the art compared to Mariner I.

Welcome to Mariner II! Part 1

Welcome to Mariner II! Nothing happened to Mariner I of course; we just decided to build a whole new state of the art Galleon Class Capital ship.

Chronicles of Nox:The Settlement (Continued)

The pilot approaching this unknown yet decorated figure was confused till they began speaking with Nox, it turns out the two had a similar origin to the empire’s graceful entrance into their lives

Second Tale of Nox:The Settlement

Nox just after the crash was barely scratched.. more so the underside of his ship was all that suffered. He would be grounded until he found out what he had to fix and then of course, fix it.

Transmission Log: Lord Dragon

Update: everything is ready and I am about to initiate the test whatever happens to me next is a complete mystery

First Tale of Nox Chapter 1.

Origin of Nox Before finding this glorious empire… I was alone, a wanderer who had seen many civilizations of travelers and anomalies fall and rise for quite some time..