Category: Aristocracy

Erra’s Story

Long ago there was a great civil war between the Gek and its own people over the rise of population across the galaxy. Most thought Gek should be able to spread and grow, but some thought of them as infesting the galaxy with Gek rules and propaganda. One stood out as he was the one…
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Personal Log #003

ENTRY BY LORD GOLD OF ELD Lord Gold here, I’m making this log strictly for the unforeseen event that my future actions end with me Laying in the dirt… Toil-Gek Uruk has been working endlessly attempting to descramble the signal we have been picking up and he thinks he has managed to narrow it down…
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The Last Disciple

A story by ONE FOR pALLHe stood alone, the last of his Order, atop the Vigil of Deschain the once great Fortress of the Empire named after the legendary ancestor of his Majesty, Roland Deschain. “May you find your Tower…” he uttered to himself quietly. Not long ago whenever these words were uttered they were…
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Corporal Pixish

A story by Lord T-Bone TJG This is the story of Corporal Pixish the feared Vy’keen warrior, he was a great leader and an excellent strategist, feared across the galaxy for his battle prowess, he never lost a battle. Corporal Pixish was the hier to his father’s battle fleet, which was mighty, powerful, and known…
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Personal Log #002: Lord Gold

Personal log of Lord GoldGod-TXHGWell few days have pasted since my last entry…. I’ve managed to repair all my weapons systems and even a few upgrades… strange signal still consistent… had another run in with pirates roaming about near the palace… seems they where waiting to catch someone off guard, I wouldn’t say a warning…
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KarmaKhann’s Story

Entry by Lord KarmaKhann Its been a month since Aire made her visit to Eld. She’s lived on a freighter, with a Vy’keen crew for more years then she could count. At least in the triple digits, she’s lived on the move, seeing star after star. Making unit after unit, and occasionally getting into a…
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Personal Log #001: Lord Gold

Entry by LORD GOLD OF ELD Lord Gold here, guess you know that already.. Well, Day one in Eld Prime went as expected. Completed a mission, collected my units and returned home…. But there was one thing that struck me as a bit odd… a frequency I had never heard before.. The Commander of The…
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Operation Eld Link

A personal account by Lord GoldGod-TXHG Operating Pilot: Lord Gold Relative time: UNKNOWN System: ELD GALACTIC PRIME SYSTEM MISSION BRIEFThe Emperor as issued permission to establish a communication station on ELD EARTH to establish a link between E.G.N. KALENBREMBOR and ELD PRIME. Once you are finished you are to report to Governer Ryno for assessment…
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Hosting Parties in Eld

Hosting a party in No Man’s Sky takes a little bit of planning, but results in a whole lot of fun! Learn some tips on how to host!

Moving into Eld

I had wandered through the Euclid galaxy for many years. I’ve befriended strange creatures, interacted extensively with the Gek, the Vykeen, and the Korvax. I’ve encountered a few fellow Travelers in my days, and even had a few, brief encounters with friendly strangers in the Nexus.