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A Heretic’s Journey: Part 3-New History (Continued…)

“Kiyastra, Augustus, and I all started this iteration in the same place, at the same time. We knew nothing of ourselves or how we came to be.

A Heretic’s Journey: Part 2-New History

Sitting in the empty bar of Haereticus’ villa, he and Selene talk for hours. They talk of Nada, Polo and all the latest news from the crew of the Anomaly.

A Heretic’s Journey: Part 1

An Unexpected Visit In the distant reaches of the Eissentam galaxy an alarm sounds underground. ‘Alert. Unknown vessel has entered the system’

Eld Outpost Log 2 – Project Goat

Second entry from alilgoat

Mission Report: Project Goat

Mission report from a citizen

On the Run

An account by Kyle Destroyer of Drywall It’s been so long I lost track who knows how many years ago. No breathing room, no home, no friends. I am smuggler, thief, and hired gun Graphime and I have been living my life doing what i can to get by which also includes getting rid of…
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