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Frigate About It? – Important Frigate Concepts

Entry By Constructor & Photographer Warbear. Updated 07/31/22 When shopping for new frigates it can be difficult to understand exactly what everything means and what to pay attention to. I will attempt to explain the basics here based on my own research from community sources as well as my own experience buying frigates. So, what…
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Open Core Policy

A guide by Lord Upum8 41e0f8ffefff is the uber portal address that will take you to the galactic core in all galaxies. Note: your regular ship will get damaged warping to next universe. The only unaffected ship is the living ship.

Say Yes to the Address

Coordinates, coordinates, coordinates! What are they and what do they mean? No Man’s Sky has multiple ways to tell you where you are in the universe! Your address boils down (in order of magnitude) to the following (with links to the relevant pages in the NMS Wiki: Galaxy – The capitol of the Empire, Eld…
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Let’s Do The Galaxy Warp Again

It’s just a Jump to the left….. and then a step to the riiiight. So you’ve made it to the center of the galaxy and you’d like to skip out of this world and into the next? Great! You’re staring at the big nothingness that’s in the center, and…. there’s no way to select it!…
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Glyph it Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

A guide on Portals and Glyphs by Governor JWAL Many people are confused when they hear about portals and glyphs because of their end game nature being as you have to of competed the “Leap in the dark” mission of the Artemis path and by that account the main storyline. Portals allow for quick and…
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I Ain’t a Freighter No Ghost

A guide to Freighters and Frigates by Governor JWAL Many people are annoyed or confused at how painful and annoying it is to get a nice capital S class freighter today I am here to fix that. First of all what is a freighter? A freighter is a colossal starship that acts as a trading…
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I Ship It! A Guide to Starships

A guide to Starships by Governor JWAL As you know ships are the primary mode of transportation in no mans sky. They fly, they land, they crash and they fight but there are some intricacies to them such as NPC ships sometimes leading you to trading posts or other points of interest. But the main…
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