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Welcome to Mariner II! Part 3

Welcome to the med-bay! You can get that cancer you contracted from the radioactive contaminants on the way up treated here!

Welcome to Mariner II! Part 2

If you pass over the hallway to the reactor room, you will find the crew quarters. They are truly state of the art compared to Mariner I.

August Featured Bases

Another month and another couple of awesome bases are here for you to enjoy! This month’s theme is light panels. We have two great bases that are using these building blocks in creative ways! First up, we have the Drive In Theater by Newcarsme11 at (coords). This base by Eld citizen and Twitch streamer Newcarsme11…
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Welcome to Mariner II! Part 1

Welcome to Mariner II! Nothing happened to Mariner I of course; we just decided to build a whole new state of the art Galleon Class Capital ship.

July Featured Bases

July’s Featured Bases bring us a
beautiful meadhall and a meditative monastery!

June 2022: Featured Bases of Eld

This month, the Empire of Eld visits two nautical-themed pashmina…no wait. Nautical themed bases!

May 2022: Bases to Visit on Eld Earth

May 2022: Two featured bases to visit and be inspired by!