Empire of Eld Heraldry

A space for Imperial missives, thoughts, diaries, and stories.

The Empire of Eld has official heraldry/vexillology available.

The Official Empire of Eld Emblem

The official Empire of Eld emblems are displayed below. Citizens, Aristocracy, and Nobles alike may use the emblems in good faith. No one is to use the emblem when acting against the rules and laws of the Empire.

The full emblem with the motto, in all its glory
Emblem for use in-game, wiki, and other places where simple is best.
Use this when you want a motto-less striking visual!

Flags and Banners

The official Empire of Eld flag and banner display is shown below:

Flag and Banner of the Empire of Eld

This consists of the in-game elements:

Flag 2 with color 3 (blue and yellow) and Wall Flag 2 with color 3 (blue and yellow).

To be an official mark of Empire of Eld membership, both flag and banner must be present with the flag slightly offset to the left of the banner when viewing the front of the banner.

As of August 29, 2022, new bases used for citizenship must have the full Eld Flag to qualify.

The size scale of the flag and banner may be adjusted for aesthetics.

Any citizen needing carbon or ferrite to make flags need only ask an officer or the Emperor and they will be provided with sufficient materials to make these important markers.

Titles and Honorifics

Using the titles and honorifics are required for Nobility (General and above), but are not required for Aristocracy and below.

RankTitleForm of Address/Honorific
1EmperorYour majesty/his majesty
Thank you for the emeril, your majesty.
2Prince/PrincessYour highness/his or her highness
Her highness posted that on Discord earlier.
3Duke/DuchessYour grace/his or her grace
Your base is really exquisite, your Grace!
4ArchivistYour eminence/his or her eminence
Submitting this screen shot for the archives, your Eminence.
5AdmiralSir/Admiral (name)
We’ll get that copper to you right away, sir.
6SenatorYour excellency/his or her excellence
Your Excellency, can I have a word with you about the upcoming Senate meeting?
7Count/CountessLord or Lady Count(ess)/Count (name)
Thanks for the help with those pirates, Lord Count!
8GovernorGovernor (name)/Mr. or Ms. Governor
Thanks for the invite, Mr. Governor!
9Imperial Navy CaptainSir or Captain
Are you on duty, sir?
10Baron/BaronessLord or Lady Baron
Did you need a stack of tritium, Lady Baroness, or did you get some?
11Imperial Navy PilotSir or Pilot
Is that your beautiful ship, Pilot?
12AristocratLord or Lady (name)/his lordship or her ladyship
Wow, that’s a beautiful ship, my lord.
13Imperial Navy CadetCadet or Trooper
What do you think you’re doing, Cadet?
14Eld Galactic CitizenCitizen/Mr. or Ms. or Mx. (name)
Are you attending the Senate meeting, Mr. Redpanda?
15Provisional CitizenNo address required
Foreign LeadersAddress appropriate to their rank
Citizen Parolee/Galactic GuestsNo address required