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A guide on Portals and Glyphs by Governor JWAL

Portal coordinates of a little place I like to call Eld Prime

Many people are confused when they hear about portals and glyphs because of their end game nature being as you have to of competed the “Leap in the dark” mission of the Artemis path and by that account the main storyline.

Portals allow for quick and convenient travel to specific planets in the NMS galaxy you can find the glyphs of a planet using photo mode being as any pictures will have the glyphs in the corner. These can be used at a portal sometimes difficult to find monoliths that have small pillars lining a path to an empty ring surrounded by glyphs after you have filled the glyphs with their desired resource (Copper, Carbon, sodium and Di-hydrogen) it will spring to life allowing you to input a code after this you can enter the portal and travel to the desired location

Tip: Put a base down near a portal so you don’t need to go though the trouble of finding one again.

Now finding a portal is a whole other issue there are a few ways to find them one being using the scanners of the EXO craft to scan for alien structures and if it’s a monolith go there ensuring you have the respective artefacts of the dominant species in that system (Korvax casing, Gek relic and Vy’keen dagger.) After the monolith uses the artefacts it will show you the location of a portal. Another method is finding a monolith through getting a map or finding it in the wilds and using an artefact to find a portal.

Another more complex way to find glyphs is to find traveler graves while this allows you to get glyphs before beating the main storyline it’s much harder and ill advised.

Fun fact: Portal coordinates work by getting the XYZ axis and planet index of the planet and in this order [P][SSS][YY][ZZZ][XXX] using the glyphs to create an added!

Tip: The Portal Repository ( ) has a list of many useful portal addresses!