I Ship It! A Guide to Starships

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A guide to Starships by Governor JWAL

A Traveler encounters her living ship

As you know ships are the primary mode of transportation in no mans sky. They fly, they land, they crash and they fight but there are some intricacies to them such as NPC ships sometimes leading you to trading posts or other points of interest. But the main reason most people will be reading this is ship hunting every ship in every system is in a seed meaning it can always be found again the time they land from when you first load in the area is also on a seed. Ships have numbers under their names an example being 25+11 is the inventory and tech slots of the ship 25 being the inventory and 11 being the tech almost all ships once S class can be upgraded to 48+25 on their storage.

Ship types are explorers, fighters, shuttles, solars, haulers and exotics

I will explain their specialties below.

  • Explorers: High warp range bonus
  • Fighter: High damage bonus
  • Shuttle: Small bonus to everything
  • Hauler: High shield bonus
  • Solar: Mobility bonus
  • Exotics: High bonus to everything

Most of these ships are quite simple. Ship type can also be checked using the visor. Although exotics are anomalies because they are so unique there are many types of exotic ships like the squid ship which looks squid like. The guppie which is a hall usually with a large fin and the living ship attained from a mission started by buying a void egg from the quicksilver merchant. These are incredibly rare while they can show up in any system they are usually best found in wealthy systems being as they have a higher spawn chance there exotic ships have low storage making them quite bad in all honesty. It’s usually better to get an S class any other ship. Speaking of classes every ship spawns with a class that being C, B, A or S. S being the best and C being the worst.

In poor economies (One star) the spawn rates are:

C: 60%

B: 30%

A: 10%

S: 0%

In emerging economies (2 star) its:

C: 49%

B: 35%

A: 15%

S: 1%

In wealthy economies (3 star) its:

C: 30%

B: 40%

A: 28%

S: 2%

The ship’s class affects its max inventory and tech size and stats.

Fun fact: Fighters are more commonly found in Vy’keen systems. Explorers are more commonly found in Korvax systems. Haulers are more commonly found in Gek systems.