Information for Newcomers

A space for Imperial missives, thoughts, diaries, and stories.

When you first join the Discord server, you will see three channels: #laws-of-eld, #eld-embassy, and #space-dock.

I can’t see any other channels!

Newcomers are limited to the Space Dock, Embassy, and a handful of public channels.

If you are here to see what becoming a citizen is about, you will need to react to a certain message in #space-dock.

At that time, you will be given a temporary citizenship role where you can access other channels on the server.

I can see some other channels– now what?

You will be greeted to the Empire and given temporary citizenship. You’ll receive an icon next to your name that indicates you are new. You’ll have access to many of the channels and can start learning your way around.

Note: You will not be able to claim systems in the name of the empire, join the role-playing community, or sign up for events until your base is verified and you are a full citizen.

After a few days, this icon will be changed to reflect that time is running out for you to build your base on Eld Earth. You have at least a week to build a base that meets the requirements.

How do I find your system?

The first step is to find the Eld Galactic Prime system. Fortunately, there are portal coordinates on the linked wiki page! The galactic coordinates are 0FFC:00FE:04D6:0053. The Empire of Eld is primarily in the Euclid galaxy, and our home system and planet is in Euclid.

Portal Glyphs to Eld Galactic Prime

The numeric coordinates for the glyphs are 20537FCD77FD.

If you don’t have all the portal glyphs yet and aren’t nearby, you can get an escort from a current citizen:

  1. Make a request in the #general-chat channel on Discord for someone to escort you.
  2. Add your escort as a No Man’s Sky friend.
  3. Make sure your new friend is in Eld Galactic Prime.
  4. Exit to Mode selection and choose Multiplayer.
  5. Join your escort’s game.
  6. You will either start out near them, or you can summon the nexus and set it to have you exit at your escort’s system.
  7. Make sure to access the system space station so you’ll be able to warp back to the system once you are out of multiplayer mode!

Where Am I?

If you arrived by Portal, you are somewhere near the ground coordinates of -10.87, – 103.74, in the Southern and Western hemispheres of the planet.

With ground coordinates of -50.10, +161.25, the Eld Imperial Palace is in the South East portion of the planet.

If you arrived by Portal, hop into your space sheep and point yourself a little bit south and head west until your space ship navigation shows -50,+161. Need help with navigation?

What’s this about building a base?

You’ll need to build your base on Saturn II or Eld Earth in the Eld Galactic Prime system.

This is the first and only true responsibility of citizens of the empire!If you make an acceptable base, you are a citizen. If you do not make a base, you are not a citizen.

Your base also needs:

  • A power source – you’ll need this!
  • A base teleportation module– help visitors get around!
  • The Eld Flag – Flag 2 and Wall Flag 2 in yellow-and-blue (Color 3). See picture below for how they should appear– they don’t need to be in front of the teleporter.
  • A cool name – of course!
  • To be uploaded (using the “Upload Base” function on your base computer) to the discovery servers. If it’s not uploaded, no one can verify it!
  • Note: You will need to know your base’s ground coordinates in order to be verified!

Then head over to #🌃request-base-verification, click the big green button, and fill out the form.

I’m new! I don’t have enough stuff for a base!

If you need help or materials, post in #general-chat and one of the more experienced players will help you out. #citizen-trade-terminal is a good place to go for materials, either requesting as a gift or to trade. It’s also a great place for established players to offload some of their surplus to the benefit of the Empire (and helping out our beloved newbies!)

You can also head over to the #build-request channel and have one of the Eld Engineers come build your base for you. Yes, really– we have several “starter homes” for new citizens to choose from! You’ll coordinate with an Engineer, who will build your base and verify it all in one step!

OK, I made my base… am I a citizen now?

When you’re ready, click the big green button in #🌃request-base-verification. You will need:

  • The name of your base
  • The ground coordinates and planet
  • A screen shot of the base as you’d like it to appear in the wiki.

An officer will visit your base and confirm it meets the requirements. At that point, the officer will announce your citizenship and the icon next to your name will change to a house🌇!

Welcome to the Empire, citizen!

What do I do now?

Once you’re a citizen, you’ll also have access to some other channels, including one to claim star systems, submit entries to the wiki, and sign up for events. Some cool things you can do as a citizen:

  • Attend an event, such as a party or PVP tournament!
  • Claim star systems in the name of Eld: check the #eld-claimed-systems channel for the next block of numbers and claim them in blocks of 100. Systems are named “Eld Imperial ###” with the “###” being the number you claimed.
  • Participate in the growing role-play community of Eld!
  • Volunteer to serve in the Legion, Eld’s military to defend the Empire from threats both foreign and domestic!
  • Submit information for the wiki in #wiki-submissions. The Master Archivist regularly runs explore-and-document missions to gather information on star systems, planets, bases, and citizens. Check pinned messages in the channel for templates and instructions.
  • Team up with others for Nexus missions, build advice, or generally participate in the community!
  • Show your dedication to the Empire and be appointed an aristocrat, a noble, perhaps even an officer!
  • Get elected to the Senate to participate in decision-making for the benefit of the Empire.
  • Start or join a corporation!
  • Practice building bases in creative and interesting ways.
  • Check out the other Organizations of Eld that may have an opportunity for you!

One of my favorite things to do is just fly or teleport around, visiting bases on Eld Earth and seeing all the creativity on display.

I’m from another Civilization or Corporation. Where do I belong?

The Empire of Eld welcomes all representatives and ambassadors of other organizations.

If you are visiting from another civilization and do not wish to become a citizen, please familiarize yourself with the Laws of Eld, and post in the #eld-embassy that you are a citizen of another civilization who is just visiting so you can be granted an appropriate role.

Ambassadors representing civilizations and corporations with official embassy pages on the No Man’s Sky wiki may build an official embassy base on Pluto II (Corporations) or Mars II (Civilizations).