Let’s Do The Galaxy Warp Again

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It’s just a Jump to the left….. and then a step to the riiiight.

So you’ve made it to the center of the galaxy and you’d like to skip out of this world and into the next? Great! You’re staring at the big nothingness that’s in the center, and…. there’s no way to select it!

Most likely, if you’ve been using the target-on-mission-path method for navigation all along, you had no problems with jumping galaxies. But if you’re like me, you right-click to deselect the current system, pan around a bit to find a system you want to jump to, left-click to select and then left-click to jump. That will not work in the Galaxy Center.

So how do you do it?

First, make sure your hyperdrive is fully charged!! You can’t even see the center if your hyperdrive isn’t ready.

Then, open the galaxy map and use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to select the Galaxy Center mission.

Keep the current system selected.

Move the mouse until the yellow targeting icon shows up. maneuver it so the targeting arc is pointed towards the line leading to the galaxy center.

A circle will appear near the Galaxy Center mission. Press and hold the left mouse button to engage it.

You’ll zoom to the galaxy center and have an option to press the left mouse button to warp.