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Coordinates, coordinates, coordinates! What are they and what do they mean?

No Man’s Sky has multiple ways to tell you where you are in the universe! Your address boils down (in order of magnitude) to the following (with links to the relevant pages in the NMS Wiki:

Star Systems have multiple coordinate systems to identify them, and planets use ground coordinates to identify your location on the ground.

Portal Glyph Coordinates

Portal Glyph Coordinates are icon-based coordinates that can be used at portals to quickly jump from one location to another. Collecting all 16 glyphs through the appropriate mission path is necessary before using these portals.

Glyph Coordinates for Eld Galactic Prime

Each Portal glyph has a corresponding alphanumeric character so a portal glyph can be represented by its image, or by a number. For example, the portal coordinates for Eld Galactic Prime is also rendered as 20537FCD77FD.

Portal Glyphs are found by interacting with portals directly.

Interact with portals to learn their address!

If you have all the glyphs, when you use photo mode, the glyphs will appear in the lower left corner of your picture.

Base and Image by Lord Joker. Note the glyphs in the lower lef!

Galactic Coordinates

Galactic coordinates are a 16-digit code in groups of 4 that represents where a star system is in the galaxy. They are galaxy-dependent; using the same coordinates in one galaxy will take you somewhere different in a different galaxy.

Galactic coordinates are easy to find. Set up a Signal Booster and open it. The galactic coordinates are the last 6 digits shown when the signal booster comes online.

Everything after “ULPT” is the galactic coordinates

Ground Coordinates

Ground coordinates are visible in the visor when scanning, and on your ship’s dashboard while flying.

Ground coordinates appear in your visor
Ship’s view of ground coordinates

The coordinate system is based on latitude and longitude. The first number is the latitude (horizontal); a positive value is in the Northern hemisphere, while negative values are in the Southern hemisphere. The second number represents longitude, with negative values being in the Western hemisphere and positive values being in the Eastern hemisphere.

Some Important Locations

With ground coordinates of -5.63, -117.73, the Eld Imperial Palace is in the South West portion of the planet, near the equator.

With ground coordinates of -10.87, – 103.74, the Eld Earth portal is in the South West portion of the planet.

Universal Coordinates

These coordinates are not used for navigation, but are instead the ultimate internal code for where something is in the No Man’s Sky universe. You may need to provide them to Hello Games when filing a support ticket, or they are sometimes used in the Save Editor. They are not accessible inside the game.

The Universal address for Eld Galactic Prime is 2045:127:-809:0:83:2

Useful Tools

There is a coordinate converter for Galactic and Portal coordinates available online.

For PC users, No Man’s Connect provides a registry system for star systems.