The Eld Orado

A space for Imperial missives, thoughts, diaries, and stories.

The Eld Orado is a night club/resort on Eld Earth, approximately 2500u from the Eld Imperial Palace at coordinates -45.01,+161.15.

On land, the Eld Orado features multiple starship parking spaces and a teleporter. A series of greenhouses invite travelers to harvest what they need. Star bulb plants illuminate warm wooden decking with cozy spots to gather and chat with friends or simply take in the view.

Overall, it’s a peaceful inviting location on a small isthmus that travelers should take a few moments to stroll and enjoy.

A short-range teleporter will take you to the underwater night club, or you can swim or use a nautilon to get there as well. Prefer to stay dry during your stay? There’s a surface-level dance floor just above the water line as well.

The club features ample seating inside in multiple rooms with various couches and seats.

A rocking ByteBeat system and light-up dance floor give ample space and reason for adventurous travelers to get out and show their moves.

During parties and gatherings, visitors are encouraged to disable PVP. Join up into groups to chat with each other and mingle, then leave the groups and join other groups as suits their fancy.