The Government of Eld

A space for Imperial missives, thoughts, diaries, and stories.

The Empire of Eld is governed by a Senate of elected and appointed senators, and headed by the Emperor. Each strata of citizenry has representation on the Senate, plus all dukes and duchesses.

  • Citizen Senator
  • Aristocracy Senator
  • Nobility Senator
  • Dukes and Duchesses

Senator responsibilities are to be available to constituents, and bring their constituents’ concerns to the attention of the Senate as a whole to resolve issues, pass laws, and work for the common good of the empire.

In addition to the Senate, there are several administrative offices that support the functioning of the Empire:

  • Governors – responsible for delegated work assigned by the Emperor, such as greeting new members, reporting offensive content, and recruiting new members.
  • Communications Officer – an independent officer responsible for in-game voice chat moderation.
  • Master Archivist – responsible for documenting the Empire in both this website and on the wiki. This independent position attends Senate meetings and provides information from the archives as needed or requested. This role has a voice, but not a vote in Senatorial proceedings.